Conventional thinking has most organizations focusing their attention on energy savings specific to energy efficiencies while missing the opportunity to address true conservation and there cost savings benefits. As important as these are, these initiatives rarely result in tangible energy savings. In stark contrast, the Global Adjustment Settlement is responsible for over half of your energy bill cost, however, companies lack the tools and resources to benefit from this untapped energy savings opportunity.


As a Class A electricity consumer in Ontario, it is essential to turn your attention to the Global Adjustment portion of your electricity bill, as this cost is largely unaffected when adopting energy-efficient practices as a cost savings objective. Instead, this significant cost is determined by your company's share of the Ontario-wide electricity demand during the top five peak demand hours each year. Your company's consumption of electricity during these five hours, in relation to the overall Ontario demand, is then used to allocate Global Adjustment charges to your company each month. As this cost is controllable by addressing your company's demand footprint during the top five peak hours of a given year, Class A companies are heavily incentivized to identify and reduce their electricity consumption as much as possible during these five hours in order to realize significant savings (learn more about how the Global Adjustment Market Settlement affects you download our brochure below.) 


Having the ability to foresee when these peak events will occur gives your business the opportunity to proactively mitigate the resulting significant and difficult to budget Global Adjustment costs. With the egridMANAGE online Energy Demand Forecast System (EDFS), clients are able to identify peak events days in advance, providing the time needed to enact electricity usage reduction measures such as production rescheduling, with the added advantage of confidently knowing the exact hour that each peak will occur.  «  Read More »

Global Adjustment

As a Class A customer you have the opportunity to significantly reduce your Global Adjustment cost if you are successful in reducing your electricity usage during peak demand hours. The power of knowing exactly when to reduce your electricity consumption will enable the ability to significantly reduce your electricity bills; a benefit measured by millions of dollars in energy savings.


To understand more about the Global Adjustment and how that impacts you as a Class A consumer, download the brochure below. Be sure to fill out the request and confirmation forms completely to ensure delivery.


egridMANAGE is a patent-pending, online Energy Demand Forecast System (EDFS) that uses sophisticated real-time data analytics, along with historical data statics, combined with SQL database routines to forecast peak demand usage; providing our customers with the power to identify peak hour periods and proactively mitigate energy cost.


Developed by our team of engineers, egridMANAGE is a proprietary web-based dashboard system that alerts the client's energy management team of all impending peak demand hours, up to five days in advance.

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Our Team

Innovative, efficient and on-trend, the egridSMART team was established to consolidate over 50 years of combined knowledge and expertise in the areas of industrial energy solutions and information technology. In merging these disciplines, we achieve a synergistic and forward-thinking approach to energy management solutions.


Our team of professionals are proud of the significant savings egridSMART has generated for Ontario businesses, while also reducing the environmental impacts of unnecessary generation and consumption.

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