Our Mission

To facilitate through innovation and forward-thinking concepts, and effective solutions by harnessing the expertise of our highly skilled, multi-disciplined engineering team. egridSMART is committed to designing and delivering scalable solutions that provide economic, socioeconomic, safety for those in critical roles and environmental benefits in the bid for sustainabilty and our future.

egridSMART is firmly dedicated and focused on data-driven innovations through software development, delivering quality products and solutions for its clients' evolving and complex procedures and processing needs. Our growth comes from innovation, intuitive products, and a passion to create and evolve quality products.

Our Directive

As businesses, government and agencies around the world are faced with the need to expand and effect the way they conduct themselves in the day to day, egridSMART plays a pinnacle role in facilitating organisations with solutions specific to their need in transforming virtually "the how to" of how they look and conduct processes with more innovative uses of data, as a key method in the path to constant improvement. Our expertise in data and software innovations provides the technologies and techniques necessary for collecting, storing, analyzing, disseminating, and virtualization of data, for improving the instruments used with gainful resolutions and outcomes.

Our Team

Our highly skilled team consolidates over 50 years of combined knowledge proficient in the areas of energy, analytics, safety and crisis management, incorporated with a diverse expertise in IT technology specific to the area of data innovations. In merging these disciplines, egridSMART both offers and achieves a synergistic and forward-thinking approach to management solutions innovations beneficial to key industries in our portfolio of knowledge.

Our team of professionals are proud of the significant benefits that egridSMART offers, areas that include solutions in environmental sustainability and safety in critical response operations.

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