Data Innovations

Expanding software solutions to traditional processes and procedures, with the benefits of technological innovations, providing a more effective and efficient approach to a better conclusion. egridSMART , products span across a number of industries, while maintaining the breath of a singular idea toward improving the way we interface with processes; with a healthy outcome for the environment, productive and profitable returns for industry and the safe outcome to those on the front line.


All egridSMART products incorporate patented and patent-pending technologies, providing secure processes and solution management services and software.

Crisis Management

Preparedness is the calm before, during and after the storm... (anonymous)


Technological advancements in emergency, crisis management tools, ensures emergency responders are better equipped at tackling the immediate challenges faced during any disaster. Sizing-up to 'peace of mind', in an otherwise high stress situation.


Now in its final stage of development, eCOMMAND, our latest endeavour, puts forward an intuitive interface, permitting ease of management and prevailing in the area of onsite crisis control. This newly emerging software will equipped firefighters with real oversight in a crisis theatre of operations.


Energy Management

In a less critical arena where lives are not on the line, the egridMANAGEv2 is a host-based software designed to assist 3rd party alternative energy providers a solution to automate power source transition during peak demand periods. In previous years our technology, derived through data analytics would pin point peak hour events, however with the IESO now providing a more accurate prediction model, the egridMANAGEv2 has been adapted to provide automation to a new emerging market in alternative energy, specific to generators and storage technology. Our new product is desiged as a customizable application to meet propriety specifics and SLA requirements.

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