It is important to distinguish the advantages that egridMANAGE has over demand projection systems like that of the IESO web interface and other projection dashboard systems. egridMANAGE is the only solution that uses proprietary analytics to provide clients with true peak hour forecasting, along with multi-day peak event tracking that provides clients with advance notice of impending peak events, up to five days in advance.



egridMANAGE represents a revolution in clarity beyond standard demand projection systems, and is the only solution that maximizes Global Adjustment cost avoidance while minimizing operational downtime and waste.



The increased energy generation required during peak demand periods amplifies environmental harm, due to higher levels of damaging emissions released into the environment.

By reducing Ontario's peak demand, tangible environmental and economic benefits will occur. egridMANAGE addresses these concerns - clients benefit financially from significant Global Adjustment cost reductions, and also socially from reducing the collective harm that peak demand periods cause to the environment.

TRUE CONSERVATION, preserving the environment, while improving your company's bottom line.

No Game of Chance

As the Global Adjustment cost allocation is determined through only five hours each year, large companies are challenged to minimize their electricity usage only when it counts.

A true alternative to rolling the dice, egridMANAGE provides clients with the pinpoint accuracy of proprietary complex analytics with a number of years of development relating to myriad intricate market signals.

Developed to be easily actionable for clients of all levels of expertise, egridMANAGE facilitates minimal operational interruptions and maximum savings.

Energy Cost Savings

Determined by proportional electricity usage during Ontario's top five peak demand hours, the Global Adjustment is responsible for over half of "Class A" consumers' electricity costs and is largely unaffected by efficiency and conservation programs.

The egridMANAGE web-based dashboard and notification service alerts your energy management team days in advance of an imminent peak hour, enabling the accurate scheduling of a reduction in electricity use down to a single hour.

Knowing in advance when each peak hour will occur allows our clients to reduce their electricity demand at the right times, and save millions in unnecessary costs.

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